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USS Tattnall DDG-19
Odyssey 1977 Mediterranean Cruise Pages 59 Thru 66
Rater, Douglas to Rosenblatt, Keith Ross, George to Saxon, Louis
Schrenger, Ty to Sienko, Jerald Sierra, Antonio to Smallacombe, Peter
Smith, Curtis to Spears, Arthur Speer, Ricky to Stickney, Robert
Stokes, James to Tamez, Jorge Taylor, Paul to Turner, James

Homepage Pages 1-5 Pages 5.1-9.1 Pages 9.2-13 Pages 14-18 Pages 19-26
Pages 27-34 Pages 35-42 Pages 43-50 Pages 51-58 Pages 59-66 Pages 67-72
Photos Pages 20-28 Photos Pages 29-41 Photos Pages 42-55 Photos Pages 56-69 Toons Change Of Command